Mauriac, considered the oldest settlement in the Cantal with its Gallo-Roman remains dating from the 1st century, is a rural town (more than 70% of its surface area is agricultural land) that’s formed like a picturesque amphitheatre and contains a number of remarkable old civil and religious buildings and more than 100 shops. Mauriac is also the home of Louis Bergaud, “The Cantal Flea”, winner of two Tour de France stages – in 1958 (in Pau) and 1961 (in Strasbourg). His club, the VC Mauriac, is now mainly dedicated to training riders through its cycling school.

  • Sub-prefecture of Cantal (15)
  • Population: 3,500 (Mauriacois and Mauriacoises), 6,600 in the 11 communes comprising the Pays de Mauriac municipality; 144,700 in the Cantal

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