"Maillot Jaune": the Tour bares its teeth

On Monday 2 May, the Tour de France is launching a new brand with products that blend style and performance for cyclists of all levels. "Maillot Jaune" goes for a pure aesthetic with subtle references to the world of the Tour de France.
The clothing manufacturer Santini is marking the release of "Maillot Jaune" with the creation of an exclusive first collection that celebrates the singular nature of the Tour de France. Other manufacturers will be invited to join the movement in the future.
The "Maillot Jaune" brand products will be available on the official site letour.fr from Monday, May 2nd, as well as numerous specialised outlets.

Some will see a bird's-eye view of a cyclist squeezing every last ounce of power from his bicycle. Others will hail it as an icon of victory, the image of a champion roaring with delight as she crosses the finish line in first place. The "Maillot Jaune" lets the imagination run wild while beckoning those who see it to plunge into the world of the Tour de France. More than just a brand, "Maillot Jaune" is a space for the creation of apparel for people who love cycling and the Grande Boucle, whatever their level, whatever their goals. From Sunday warriors to riders determined to match the champions pedal stroke for pedal stroke, "Maillot Jaune" will bring cyclists together around shared ambitions: technical and elegant products, a passion for excellence and an understated tribute to the history of the Tour de France.

As the first step in the "Maillot Jaune" adventure, Santini, the official partner entrusted with making the distinctive jerseys of the Tour de France, has designed the inaugural collection. Its technical characteristics are identical to those of the jerseys awarded to the leader of each classification. Santini's collection relies on clean lines steeped in ultramarine and petrol green… with a dash of yellow, of course. In addition to the jerseys, Santini offers a complete set of apparel, including shorts, a base layer, a technical T-shirt, a jacket, a cardigan, gloves and even caps.

Through the creation of the first range of the "Maillot Jaune" universe, the Italian designer embraces its role as a trailblazer with gusto, paving the way for other manufacturers who share the same values to come on board in upcoming seasons with products that run the whole gamut of cycling: technical or leisure clothing, cycling material and measurement tools, miscellaneous accessories. Everything you need to channel the spirit of the Tour.

"Maillot Jaune": The Tour Bares Its Teeth

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