After hosting two finishes in 1984 and 1987 (resulting in victories for Petra de Bruin and Tamara Polyakova) and a time trial dominated by Jeannie Longo (1988), Blagnac was the venue for the Grand Départ of the 1989 Tour Féminin, when Jutta Niehaus (prologue) and Monique Knol (stage 1) were the winners. On the men’s Tour, Pascal Poisson (1984), Niki Rüttimann (1986), Rolf Gölz (1987) and Mathieu Hermans (1989) have won here. In addition, GSC Blagnac, a great cycling club, has featured the likes of Laurent Jalabert, Frédéric Moncassin, David Moncoutié and Nicolas Portal within its ranks. Its head coach now is... a woman, former track and field athlete Cathy Moncassin!

  • Commune in Haute-Garonne (31)
  • Population: 25,500 (Blagnacais and Blagnacaises or Caouecs), 796,200 within the 37 communes comprising the Toulouse Metropolis; 1,400,000 in Haute-Garonne

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