Its marvellous architectural heritage hasn’t hindered the city of Toulouse-Lautrec from turning resolutely towards the opportunities offered by biodiversity to find solutions to future issues – Albi is one of France’s “Territories committed to nature” – and also to soft mobility. As a consequence, the municipality’s cycling policy offers an ideal framework for enjoying the episcopal city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the full and with peace of mind. The brick-built Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, a masterpiece of southern Gothic architecture, can be seen reflected in the River Tarn and, together with the Pont Vieux, forms an unforgettable image.

  • Prefecture of the Tarn (81)
  • Population: 48,900 (Albigeois and Albigeoises), 82,200 within the 16 communes comprising the Greater Albi municipality; 389,800 in the Tarn

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