Just a small village until the 1960s, it has since become an urban centre within the Rodez conurbation. Despite its economic and commercial development and its residential areas, Onet-leChâteau, which is a very large commune (40km2), has remained green and pleasant. There are no fewer than 28 castles in the area, some of them medieval, such as that of the Canons of Rodez, from which the town takes its name, while others are more recent and built for aesthetic reasons. Zinédine Zidane, whose wife Véronique has family connections to Onet, is its most famous honorary citizen.

  • Commune in Aveyron (12)
  • Population: 11,700 (Castonétois and Castonétoises), 55,900 within the 8 communes comprising the Greater Rodez municipality; 279,600 in Aveyron


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