Because it’s home to the Lascaux cave, a prehistoric treasure that’s almost 20,000 years old, it’s easy to forget that the town of Montignac, which has long thrived as a commercial centre, has built up its own remarkable heritage on the banks of the Vézère. However, the discovery, in 1940, of the “Sistine Chapel of Cave Art”, a masterpiece among painted caves, has changed the life of the village. Visitors flock by the tens of thousands to the two replicas (Lascaux 2 and Lascaux 4) because the original is closed to the public for obvious conservation reasons.

  • Commune in Dordogne (24)
  • Population: 2,800 (Montignacois and Montignacoises), 15,600 within the 26 communes the Vallée de l’Homme municipality; 413,200 in Dordogne

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