Lotte Kopecky: "It's definitely not the best day for us"

"I think I was the reason why nobody wanted to chase! It’s a missed opportunity but I...

27/07 - 19:16

Lotte Kopecky: "I tried to help Demi attack"

"My moves were mainly to help Demi [Vollering] attack, maybe drop GC contenders and help her...

26/07 - 19:19

Lotte Kopecky: "Everything is going great"

"Julie [Van de Velde] was very strong and it was nice to see but in the end, it’s always...

25/07 - 18:34

Lotte Kopecky: "I sprinted to the line and I saw I had a flat tyre"

"It was a nervous finale with the rain. And I felt there was something wrong with my bike. Demi...

24/07 - 19:12